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Below find our Doberman Pup health guarantee which comes with a purchase of one of our pups.



  1. Buyer agrees to accept full responsibility for all care and expenses, including but not limited to all veterinary, medical, maintenance and general health care. Seller WILL NOT pay any medical or health care once the puppy leaves our property. Buyer is responsible for taking the animal for a complete exam by their own Vet within 7 days of possession. If the animal, at this time, is found to be in poor health or ill, you will have the option of returning the animal immediately for a full refund. A report stating the problem must be presented for verification by a DVM. If you decide to keep the animal and treat the problem, you are fully responsible for all expenses.

 2. Genetic One Year Health Guarantee…. NO CASH  REFUNDS, unless otherwise agreed upon by River View Farms. If the pup develops a genetic defect that the pup is unsuitable or life-threatening, within one year of age, return the puppy to us with their current AKC registration , vaccination record, signed letter stating the defect from a Vet, and the pup will be replaced with a puppy of the same sex and value from the next available litter.  

3. Puppy must have all vaccinations, dewormings, and heart worm preventative up to date. NO EXCEPTIONS. Will require documents to prove this requirement if ever the issue arises.

4. All transportation costs to and from the breeders will be at the buyers expense . If shipping is required it is buyers responsibility for all costs.

5. Puppy is never to be taken to a pound, shelter or breed rescue. If you find yourself in a situation that you cant keep the pup anymore and you can not find a good home for the pup yourself , you must contact us at River View Farms, initially.

6. We, here at River View Farms, want you to be happy with your purchase of your new puppy and will offer lifetime breeder support and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your purchase of a River View Farms Doberman puppy!



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